[OLE #69] Use RPC Runtime

Mike Hearn mike at navi.cx
Mon Feb 14 10:58:44 CST 2005

Robert Shearman wrote:
> Hi,
> This patch is significant as it changes the RPC backend of our COM 
> implementation from using named pipes to using any transport implemented 
> by the RPC runtime. As a matter of coincidence, this patch is numbered 
> 69, which is my favourite number, and this patch is my favourite patch. 

Haha, 69 DUDE!!!!

> Not only this, but it should also solve some real problems with having 
> way too many threads (one and only one per apartment) and some complex 
> deadlocking situations caused by this. It also significiantly reduces 
> the amount of code in the file and reduces most of it to simple wrappers 
> around the RPC runtime functions.

We'll still need to run a message loop in the RPC runtime right? Until 
we do that I think InstallShield won't work correctly. So that's the 
keystone - after that it should all fall into place.

thanks -mike

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