portability fixes (yet another attempt)

Thomas Weidenmueller wine-patches at reactsoft.com
Wed Feb 16 04:40:18 CST 2005

Mike McCormack wrote:

> My understanding was that Dmitry suggested you modify your headers, 
> not ours.

I did, unfortunately wine's headers were/are also incomplete so porting 
code that called vsnprintfW() or strtoulW() in any case would link 
against libunicode (unnecessarily).

> If you want to get your patches accepted, you need to test them, 
> whether you're paid to do it or not.

I understand that point and totally agree with you. I however don't want 
to spend another complete day trying to setup a build environment for 
wine on windows (unsuccessfully), there's better ways to waste my spare 
time. I did the best of my knowledge and that's why I ask anyone who is 
more familiar with these header file changes to take a look at it. If no 
one does and they're incomplete I of course do understand that the 
patches are not getting accepted. But I didn't expect to get pissed off 
just because it's not perfect even though I admitted it.

> For example, where is the following defined?
> +/* Define to 1 if you have the `strtoul' function. */
> +#undef HAVE_STRTOUL

I unfortunately don't know as I couldn't find referencces to the other 
HAVE_* definitions, which I guess are somewhere outside of wine sources. 
There however needs to be a macro for strtoulW which can be named 
differently... .e.g. HAVE__VSNPRINTF is also just undef'ed, I'm sorry I 
don't know if that's defined in some gcc headers (mingw at least doesn't 
define them), libc or somewhere else.

Best Regards,

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