Fix Listbox ResetContent

Maxime Bellengé maxime.bellenge at
Sat Feb 19 09:03:07 CST 2005

Listbox resetcontent was deleting each items from index 0 to n. This
raises a problem in comboex.c deleteitem because when you remove the
item 0, it remains n-1 items. So when you get to the index n/2+1, n/2
+2 ... they never get deleted. Thus, only half the number of items were

This patch reverses the order in resetcontent. Moreover, comboex has a
special case if we try to remove the last item. It doesn't need to
change all the indexes for the remaining items. So resetcontent is also
faster this way.

   * reverse the order for deleting the items in resetcontent to
correctly empty a comboboxex.

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