SHELL32: more spec file fixes (#2)

Hans Leidekker hans at
Sun Feb 20 07:16:30 CST 2005

Oops, a typo slipped in. Please use this one.


I'm afraid this partly duplicates Lauri Tulmin's patch because it
took me too long to get around to submitting this, sorry.


  - Revert wrong -noname markup for Drag*, DoEnvironmentSubst and
  - Also mark stub exports -noname when they are exported by ordinal
    only on win98/2k.
  - Implementation level stubs for SheChangeDirA, SheGetDirA,
  - New spec file stubs for Control_RunDLLAsUserW,
    FixupOptionalComponents, OCInstall, SHChangeNotifySuspendResume,
    SHCreateProcessAsUserW, SHExtractIconsW, SHInvokePrinterCommand{A,W},
    SHIsFileAvailableOffline, SHLoadNonloadedIconOverlayIdentifiers,
    SHPathPrepareForWrite{A,W}, ShellExec_RunDLL{,A,W},
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