advapi32: Don't free csp dll when a container is deleted

Michael Jung mjung at
Tue Feb 22 17:04:27 CST 2005

The CSP dll must not be free'd when a key container is deleted. There may be 
handles to other container's (or hashes, or keys, ..) still open. As I 
understand it, this leaves us with a resource leak, which can't be fixed 
until we implement some elaborate reference counting in advapi's crypt.c.  

This fixes a crash in the "Uru - Ages Beyond Myst Demo" Installer reported by 
Paul Vriens. However, the Installer crashes slightly later now in ole32.  

 Don't unload Cryptographic Service Provider DLL when a key container is 
deleted. There might still be open handles.

Michael Jung
mjung at
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