edit: implement !ES_AUOT[HV]SCROLL

Lauri Tulmin tulmin at gmail.com
Thu Feb 24 16:17:46 CST 2005

- implement !ES_AUOT[HV]SCROLL

my implementation is based on the following coment from edit.c
- * When there is no autoscrolling, the control should first check whether
- * the new text would fit.  If not, an EN_MAXTEXT should be sent.
- * However, currently this would require the actual change to be made,
- * then call EDIT_BuildLineDefs() and then find out that the new text doesn't
- * fit.  After all this, things should be put back in the state before the
- * changes. Note that for multi line controls !ES_AUTOHSCROLL works : wordwrap.
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