Relax test requirements to accomodate fuzz of msacm

Jeremy White jwhite at
Fri Feb 25 21:37:03 CST 2005

Robert has persuaded me that msacm on Windows does make 'fuzzy' conversions;
an 8,000 byte buffer is up sampled to a 47,992 byte buffer instead of
the logical (and correct seeming) 48,000 byte buffer.  This means that
when we go to get the position after playing the answer comes up as
47992 instead of 48,000, which causes a winmm test failure.

It's not clear if this is actually wrong; I think that on Windows
most sound devices have direct interfaces for all of our test
speeds, and so mapping never happens, so we don't really have an
apple to apple comparison case.

All of that is rationalization for the attached patch which,
for me, causes all winmm interactive tests to succeed on two
different systems.

   Allow very small differences in position and time in
the playback position in winmm testing.
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