resend: patch for keybd_event function

Peter Hercek peter at
Wed Jan 5 15:47:24 CST 2005

This patch was already sent here:
 The problem is that I sent it with another patch in one file. Since 
this is against rules I was adviced to resend the patches if I really 
want them applied. So I'm resending the one I care about. The second one 
is not really important. I think it is even possible, the other patch 
makes some gui look worse depending of  the font selection (if you use 
MS fonts???) and .... uh whatever else.

Sorry about that. I try to do better next time.

This fixes an error in keybd_event function. This function sends events 
even between different processes on win32. This was not handled in wine. 
mouse_event function seems to work just fine.

The patch is against wine 20041019.

Index: server/queue.c
--- server/queue.c      (revision 29655)
+++ server/queue.c      (working copy)
@@ -1073,6 +1073,8 @@
    *msg_code = msg->msg;
    if (is_keyboard_msg( msg ))
+        if (!input || !(input->focus) || !(input->active))
+            input = foreground_input;
        if (input && !(win = input->focus))
            win = input->active;

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