Implement refresh in regedit

Crestez Leonard cleonard at
Thu Jan 6 18:33:07 CST 2005

This patch implements refresh in regedit (Action->Refresh, it wasn't
doing anything before). It also fixes the bug with all HKEY_ roots
showing as expandable even if they were empty. I tested a lot with two
regedits open, it works. Right now it refreshes the whole tree, it could
be made faster by using the timestamps in the registry, but I don't
believe it's worth it.

It seems that sometimes the hotkey(F5) doesn't trigger the refresh, I
have no idea why, focus problems maybe?

I sent this patch before and it wasn't applied, if you reject it again
please give me a reason.

In the development guide it says that tabs are allowed but frowned upon,
is it acceptable to have some extra changes from tabs to spaces in the
patch? As long as it's accidental(I don't retab the whole file)?

	Implement Refresh in regedit.
	Fix bug with all HKEY_ roots always showing expandable in regedit.
Crestez Leonard <cleonard at>
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