[resend]Implement refresh in regedit

Crestez Leonard cleonard at go.ro
Fri Jan 14 13:14:52 CST 2005

This patch implements refresh in regedit (Action->Refresh, it wasn't
doing anything before). It also fixes the bug with all HKEY_ roots
showing as expandable even if they were empty. I tested a lot with two
regedits open, it works. Right now it refreshes the whole tree, it could
be made faster by using the timestamps in the registry, but I don't
believe it's worth it.

It seems that sometimes the hotkey(F5) doesn't trigger the refresh, I
have no idea why, focus problems maybe?

This was also sent a week ago.

	Implement Refresh in regedit.
	Fix bug with all HKEY_ roots always showing expandable in regedit.
Crestez Leonard <cleonard at go.ro>
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