[DX9-22] General Cleanup

Ann and Jason Edmeades us at the-edmeades.demon.co.uk
Mon Jan 17 16:48:06 CST 2005

This patch is a general cleanup patch, bringing the code in line with all
the changes I currently have bar the d3d8->wined3d skeleton I am trying to

The large remaining portion of the dx9/wined3d code missing is the shader
functionality, and that is a massive rework from the dx8 code. I don't
really understand the shaders so that will be a while coming. After this
patch is applied, I'll try and move all the stubs so d3d9 calls across into
wined3d for them (and hence d3d8 can), plus implement some of the other
missing code.

There's still a lot of functionality missing but most will move across
simply. Stateblocks is probably the starting position however, with this
patch applied some demos are starting to appear perfect. Hopefully Oliver
can put his changes on top of this and get it moving forward faster.

I think it's far too early but when anyone eventually does have any success
with dx9 apps/games using the cvs version of wine, I'd be interested to

However if anyone wants to prove something works, look at:
*> http://triplebuffer.devmaster.net/tutorials/stepping1.php
     Tutorials 1->7 work fine
*> http://www.drunkenhyena.com/cgi-bin/dx9.pl
     All the basic tutorials work
More to come...

- Handle failures to allocate storage more gracefully
- Only prototype the interfaces which are subclassed (I overdid it last
- Implement Get/Set Texture and GetBackBuffer, plus device's GetDisplayMode
/ GetDeviceCaps
- Make some of the d3d9 skeleton code issue fixme's to highlight code which
hasn't been migrated yet
- Correct the d3d9 headers for D3DSURFACE_DESC which caused stack corruption
in demos

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