use -fno-builtin to stop gcc 4.0 using builtin ctype.h function

Mike McCormack mike at
Wed Jul 6 09:06:43 CDT 2005

gcc 4.0 defines builtin functions for functions defined in ctype.h. 
Wine needs to define these functions using "unsigned short", and that's 
incompatible with the builtin gcc definition.  That means we get alot of 
the following types or warning:

In file included from ../../include/winnt.h:27,
                  from ../../include/windef.h:204,
                  from crtdll_main.c:28:
../../include/msvcrt/ctype.h:72: warning: conflicting types for built-in 
function 'iswalnum'
../../include/msvcrt/ctype.h:73: warning: conflicting types for built-in 
function 'iswalpha'

This patch detects the presence of builtin functions that will conflict 
with the msvcrt defined ones, and uses gcc's -fno-builtin flag to switch 
off builtin functions for tests and programs that need to include msvcrt.h


* use -fno-builtin to stop gcc using builtin ctype.h function
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