WLDAP32: new dll (resend)

Hans Leidekker hans at it.vu.nl
Wed Jul 13 03:15:25 CDT 2005

This time with changes to dlls/Makefile.in. I hesitated to include
those in my previous patch because it says:

 # Automatically generated by make_dlls; DO NOT EDIT!!

at the top of that file and when I ran make_dlls I got other changes
in that file, which I address in the next patch. Alexandre, since
this is a generated file, do you want diffs to include it or do
you prefer to run make_dlls yourself?



The last three weekends I have been working on an implementation
of WLDAP32 (comes standard on XP) on top of OpenLDAP. I have many
functions fleshed out now so I think it's about time to start
feeding patches.


   Beginnings of WLDAP32.
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