[PATCH] FCI work for cabinet.dll [cabinet-fci-patch-02b.diff]

Gerold J. Wucherpfennig gjwucherpfennig at gmx.net
Wed Jun 8 09:11:28 CDT 2005

There is still some work to be done:

- only support for little endian machines
- the ERF error structure aren't used on error
- no real compression yet
- unknown behavoir if files>4GB or cabinet >4GB
- incorrect status information

There are bugs to be fixed in conjunction with multiple cabinets:

- set special iFolder values at spanned folders correctkly
- don't save all CFFILE sections on a spanning folder,
  but only the spanned ones
- on split CFDATA sections: set number of uncompressed bytes correctly
- on spannung folders the last call to FCIAddFile should call some
  code which curently seems to be called later (when FCIFlushCabinet is 

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