[ntdll/tests/info.c #3] Test for SystemProcessInformation

Paul Vriens paul.vriens at xs4all.nl
Thu Jun 9 01:25:23 CDT 2005


here is the first test for SystemProcessInformation. As suggested by
Alexandre the OS we're running on is deduced from the size of the struct.

This test reveals two issues in our code:
- Our dwOffset should be 64 Byte smaller (will send a patch for that)
- Every process struct size contains also the ProcessName Unicode string.
This isn't the case on windows. I guess the process structs are in the
first part of the buffer and the processnames at the end. (this needs some
thinking whether this is needed at all on our side).

A third issue is that we have to be able to cope with NT (patch will follow).

  Add test for SystemProcessInformation


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