[NtQuerySystemInformation #7] SystemTimeOfDayInformation

Paul Vriens Paul.Vriens at xs4all.nl
Sat Jun 11 05:37:36 CDT 2005


our SYSTEM_TIMEOFDAY_INFORMATION struct was 4 DWORD's shorter than the
windows variant. That's fixed now.

SystemTimeOfDayInformation is a bit different than the other's I've seen
so far. The other's return STATUS_INFO_LENGTH_MISMATCH if the given
buffer size is too small. SystemTimeOfDayInformation gives
STATUS_INFO_LENGTH_MISMATCH when the given buffer size is too large!

As long as the returned status is 0 the buffer is filled up to the given

Added some tests for the above.

  Fixed size of our SYSTEM_TIMEOFDAY_INFORMATION struct
  Fixed return codes and ReturnLength/buffer for SystemTimeOfDayInformation
  Added tests for SystemTimeOfDayInformation


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