Load file context menu from resources

Tobias Burnus burnus at net-b.de
Sat Jun 11 09:06:33 CDT 2005


this is patch converts ISvItemCm_fnQueryContextMenu of
shell32/shv_item_cmenu.c to use the already existing
MENU_SHV_FILE resource. I used the items of ISvItemCm_fnQueryContextMenu
which means I commented out
the "Properties" and the "Create Link" menu item and added an "Select"
item (I could copy the string from IDS_SELECT).
The Japanese menu will not completely work since some menu items are
If I understand the current implementation correct, one sometimes gets
"Open" and "Select" menu items which both have the same ID; I don't know
whether this is correct, but this is the current implementation. (Since
they use the same ID, I cannot use MF_BYCOMMAND in swapping Open/Explore
and in conditionally removing Select, which makes the Japanese menu even
more wrong.)

Review note: Some of the logic (LoadMenu, Merging menus) is taken from
shv_bg_cmenu.c's ISVBgCm_fnQueryContextMenu.

     Tobias Burnus <burnus at net-b.de>
     Use resource files for open file dialogs' file context menu


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