[NtQueryInformationProcess #3] Several tests (RESEND 2)

Paul Vriens Paul.Vriens at xs4all.nl
Tue Jun 21 14:42:33 CDT 2005

including the suggestions by Stefan


slightly better version which changes ProcessBasicInformation to be in
line with the rest (plus one extra test for this).

The rest are the promised tests for some of the stubs sent earlier. I
also included the KERNEL_USER_TIMES struct in process.c.

Once most of the stuff is there (at least as stub implementations) I
will try to cleanup process.c as most of the checking can probably be
made more generic.

The cleanup will be done also to info.c (the tests) as all the classes
seem to be (re)acting the same.

  Change ProcessBasicInformation to the same behavior as the rest
  Use KERNEL_USER_TIMES for ProcessTimes
  Add tests for vm, io, times and handlecount info classes
  Fixes for -Wstrict-prototypes warnings


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