[shell32] Load file context menu from resources (try 3)

Tobias Burnus burnus at net-b.de
Tue Jun 21 22:34:11 CDT 2005


Michael Jung wrote:
> On Tuesday 21 June 2005 03:11, Tobias Burnus wrote:
>> Well, I actually don't know what is supposed to be there; I saw quite
>> different menus on the different Windows versions. Some seem to have the
>> "Properties" and "Create Link" (and other stuff more) and others have
>> not. I will now now blindly assume that that what is in the .c file is
>> the right thing (TM) and will delete the rest.
> I guess the "Properties" and "Create Link" entries will appear in the context 
> menus, iff the corresponding IShellFolder sets the SFGAO_HASPROPSHEET and 
> SFGAO_CANLINK flags in it's GetAttributesOf method. For example, you can't 
> create a link on MyComputer, but you can on Desktop.
Ok, I re-added the out-commented/removed items and check now for  uFlags 
& SFGAO_CANLINK  and uFlags & SFGAO_HASPROPSHEET. I have the feeling no 
one sets this to uFlags (or to any other variable, if this is the wrong 
variable to check) and no one cares about the return value, but here it is.

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