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Andreas Mohr andi at
Sun Jun 26 09:49:07 CDT 2005

Hi all,

add some notes to make sure people don't attempt some special (and unusable)
64bit Wine compilation.

Andreas Mohr
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   Make sure you have the USER_LDT, SYSVSHM, SYSVSEM, and SYSVMSG options
   turned on in your kernel.
+64bit x86 systems such as AMD64 are supported, but not in a perfect way (Wine
+doesn't offer a Win64 mode with Win32 backwards compatibility yet).
+This means that you better don't attempt to specially compile a 64bit Wine
+since it won't do much at this point, instead simply do a normal compile
+and thus use the standard 32bit compatibility layer of your favourite 64bit
+distribution to run the 32bit Wine binary in a fully 32bit compatible way.
 Supported file systems:

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