Patch - cabinet.dll FDI Conformance Test

Rizwan Kassim rizwank at
Fri Mar 11 01:41:25 CST 2005

Wine cabinet.dll FDI Conformance Test Patch

Raw files available at :

This patch adds tests for the cabinet dll, specifically testing the
functions FDICreate, FDIDestroy, FDICopy and FDIIsCabinet. As the
FCI functions are still marked TODO in wine, they haven't been tested.

The package is self containing, allowing additional cabinet
features to be tested by preparing other cabinets in the same manner
that ours were.  A patch of -p1 will be needed.

This patch has been successfully applied to the wine tree and ran.

   added dlls/cabinet/tests/Makefile to be generated
 * dlls/cabinet/
   added subdirectory reference
 * dlls/cabinet/tests/
   standard for tests
 * dlls/cabinet/tests/cabinet_fdi.c
   actual test code for FDICreate, FDIDestroy, FDIIsCabinet, FDICopy
 * dlls/cabinet/tests/data.h
   contains hex representations of the two test cabinets
 * dlls/cabinet/tests/tvfs.h
 * dlls/cabinet/tests/tvfs.c
   Trivial Virtual File System emulating _read, _write, _open, _lseek and _close
 * dlls/cabinet/tests/
   Cabinet/data.h creation script used for and tests
 * tools/
   converts input files to C style arrays

Signed-off-by: Rizwan Kassim <rizwank at>
Signed-off-by: Dan Kegel <dank at>
Signed-off-by: Aleksandr Liber <aliber at>

Thank you,
Rizwan Kassim - GPL code, How-To guides and more.

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