shell32/shfldr_mycomp.c: Fixed GetDisplayNameOf

Michael Jung mjung at
Thu May 5 04:30:15 CDT 2005

In case of a complex pidl MyComputer's GetDisplayNameOf method calls 
SHELL32_GetDisplayNameOfChild while OR'ing a SHGDN_INFOLDER to the dwFlags 
parameter. This doesn't seem to be right: First we should not modify the 
dwFlags parameter specified by the caller. Second, according to MSDN, if the 
SHGDN_INFOLDER flag is set in a call to GetDisplayNameOf, then the pidl 
paramter has to contain exactly one non null SHITEMID with a terminating zero 
USHORT value.

	Fixed MyComputer's GetDisplayNameOf method

Michael Jung
mjung at
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