Wine bug id 3900

Andrew Webb andrew7webb at
Tue Nov 22 14:58:16 CST 2005

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To: <wine-patches at>
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Sent: Tuesday, November 22, 2005 3:51 PM
Subject: Wine bug id 3900

 Hello Vitaliy,

 In response to your request that I submit a "patch" for Wine bug 3900, I 
have attached this file:

 diff -urN Copy of wine-0.9.1/include/commctrl.h 
 --- Copy of wine-0.9.1/include/commctrl.h       2005-11-22 
15:10:46.000000000 -0500
 +++ wine-0.9.1/include/commctrl.h       2005-11-22 15:11:09.000000000 -0500
 @@ -4769,6 +4769,8 @@
 #define DateTime_SetFormat WINELIB_NAME_AW(DateTime_SetFormat)
 #define DateTime_GetMonthCalColor(hdp, iColor) \
   SNDMSGA (hdp, DTM_GETMCCOLOR, iColor, 0)
 +#define DateTime_SetMonthCalColor(hdp, iColor, clr) \
 +  SNDMSGA (hdp, DTM_SETMCCOLOR, iColor, clr)
 #define DateTime_GetMonthCal(hdp)  \
 #define DateTime_SetMonthCalFont(hdp, hfont, fRedraw) \

 I think I have the right format for a patch.   But if not, please be 
patient as its my first attempt.
 best regards,
 Andrew Webb

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