Found Windows .Class Files because of error druuing install

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Sat Oct 1 04:49:20 CDT 2005

I was wondering if this might be helpful. A very long
time aagoi was installing windows. i cant remember if
it was 95 or 98. It was on a OLD VERY SLOW pPCbut the
install was about 97 to 99 % done, and my house lost
power. so when it came back on it come up to dos and i
did not want to install it again so i was wondering if
i could get it run, "C:\windows\win.eexe and it say i
was missing something so i use dos to look through the
files. and i found TONS & TONS of .Class files over
100 MB i think, was a long time aago then i had no
idea what programming was like, but that was aalwaysmy
dream every ssincei new what a ccomputerwas about. SO
i use the dos edit.eexeto read the files and it was
programming code, subs, functions,declare variables,
now that i know some about programming that is what i
remember it to be. I though that might help you in
your windows emulation. I ddon'thave the files now But
iI'msure i could reduplicate what hhappened IF U R
interested let me know, E-Mail me back at yymsgrprotocol at

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