Fix for #3464

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Wed Oct 12 14:15:48 CDT 2005

It turns out that DOS' ioctl 0x440F (set logical drive map) was 
strangely implemented. From the doc I have, this ioctl is responsible 
for setting the logical drive to access a physical drive. This is used 
for example, on a single floppy PC when implementing the copy a:foo 
b:bar command, where a: and b: refer to the same physical device (the 
floppy), and this ioctl is called to toggle the access from a: or b: to 
the physical device.
This implies that this ioctl is not responsible for creating the mapping 
of a: and b: to the same physical device.
The current implementation was trying to achieve this goal and moreover 
it was done in the wrong way :-/
The attached patch removes altogether the support for logical drive map 
in int21h (and fixed Myst BTW).


Eric Pouech
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