Widl: Properly Output Prototypes for User Types Marshaling Functions

Robert Shearman rob at codeweavers.com
Thu Sep 1 11:01:49 CDT 2005


Currently, the behaviour is to output the user type marshaling functions 
when we encounter a typedef with the user_marshal or wire_marshal 
attributes. However, this is wrong because the definitions may be #if 
0'd out due to conflicting types in the Win32 API and this isn't what 
midl does. Therefore this patch outputs the <type>_UserMarshall, etc 
functions at the end of the header file if they are used by any proxies 
in the source IDL file. I also added support for parsing a few missing 

- Output prototypes for user marshal functions at the end of the header 
and by use.
- Add support for range and ptr attributes and for the "small" base type.

Rob Shearman

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