DINPUT: Implement force feedback-related device functions (FF #8)

Daniel Remenak dtremenak at gmail.com
Thu Sep 1 12:16:39 CDT 2005

The eighth in a series of patches to enable force feedback through
DirectInput on linux event devices.  This patch depends on FF #6 and FF #7.

Implement EnumEffects, CreateEffect, EnumCreatedEffects,
SendForceFeedbackCommand, and GetForceFeedbackStatus for linux input

This patch (together with FF#6 and FF#7) will enable full force
feedback functionality for windows applications running in wine in the
presence of a modern kernel with a writeable linux event device.

It does need additional testing.  BZFlag 2.0.3 works quite well
(http://my.bzflag.org/builds/2.0.x/); several other applications and a
number of test programs work also.  If you have another FF application
you'd like to test, please do so.
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