OOo2.0beta2 installer crashes wine-20050830 in ACTION_VerifyComponentForAction

Mike McCormack mike at
Sun Sep 11 01:18:32 CDT 2005

Dan Kegel wrote:
> Here's a log of wine-20050830 crashing while running the
> setup.exe in the directory created by unpacking 
> (This is on FC3, with wine-20050830 compiled from source tarball.)
> Is this fixed in CVS, perhaps?

No, it's not fixed yet.  This is fallout from my conversion of some of 
the code to use linked lists rather than indexes.  Previously the code 
would access some undefined value at array[-1].

Could you please try the attached patch, and see if it fixes things for you?


* make sure not to access invalid components or features
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