Need help debugging a memory corruption bug in shfldr_unixfs.c

Phil Krylov phil at
Mon Sep 12 17:41:55 CDT 2005

On Fri, 9 Sep 2005 15:09:24 -0400
"Dimi Paun" <dimi at> wrote:

> From: "Phil Krylov" <phil at>
> > OK, should we then make a patch which adds an IsWindow() check after every
> > notification in every control? This one fixes a really annoying bug, while
> > the other places are not proved to crash.
> Well, if it's a entire class of bugs, we should fix them all.

I think that we should check if it's a class of bugs or a single bug first.

> I guess we need a bit of experimentation on windows to see
> if we need to protect all notifications or only a few ones.

> I guess we can protect all of them, in which case we have
> to look to see how we can do it centrally, in the notification
> function itself.

I don't see a way to do it clean enough.

So, here's a new version of the patch (enhanced comment, WARN changed to a


Protect against wrong memory access if a listview is destroyed during
processing of its NM_DBLCLK notification (a.k.a. file dialog GPF).

-- Ph.
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