Silence warnings in wininet/tests/http.c

Vincent Béron vberon at
Wed Sep 14 19:50:08 CDT 2005

wininet/tests/http.c was issuing the following warnings under gcc 3.2
http.c: In function "InternetCrackUrl_test":
http.c:353: WARNING: format int, arg type different (arg 3)
Same thing at lines 355, 357, 363 and 365.

It looks like strlen() returns different types if called with a text
constant (or #define) and with a static const char * (returning a size_t
in one instance and a int in the other).

I'm not sure at all if it's the best way to silence them, maybe casting
the strlen() to an int would be better?

Use a static const char * variable instead of a #define to silence
warnings in gcc 3.2.

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