Cleanup dlls/ole32/defaulthandler.c (part 2)

Robert Shearman rob at
Mon Sep 19 00:32:47 CDT 2005


Another big cleanup patch that will make the code cleaner. I am planning 
to do quite a bit of work in this file, so I am trying to make the code 
easier to read before I start changing anything. This patch should be a 
no-op on the output binary, except for the removal of a check on This 
being non-NULL in a QueryInterface method, because we would have crashed 
before even getting into this function if that was the case.

- Remove redunant braces.
- Compact multi-line comments that fit into one line.
- Remove comments that state the obvious.
- Remove extra brackets that are redundant because the -> operator binds 
tighter than &.
- Change "this" to "This" to make code more like other interface 
- Remove redundant comparisons with NULL for pointers.

Rob Shearman

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