listview: infoPtr might be invalid after WM_NOTIFY

Michael Jung mjung at
Tue Sep 20 10:05:27 CDT 2005

Hello Alexandre, Dimi and Phil,

This is a patch for the infoPtr problem in comctl32's listview.c. I guess it 
matches your suggestion on IRC? I've only changed the minimum necessary to 
get rid of the file dialog crash. If that's the correct approach in your 
opinion, I will continue to work on this. I will be on vacation for three 
weeks, though, starting from Friday.

Dimi, if you think this is ugly, or if you are working on a better solution, 
please do protest. 

	infoPtr might be invalid after a WM_NOTIFY message was sent, since the 
application might have destroyed the listview. Pass around hwnd instead and 
call GetWindowLongPtr, if we have to access the listview instance data. 
Spotted by Phil Krylov.

Michael Jung
mjung at
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