msvcrt: portable printf integer conversions

Jesse Allen the3dfxdude at
Mon Sep 26 21:54:04 CDT 2005

Here's a patch to start the work on getting our own printf number
conversions done internally.  It adds pf_integer_conv, which is
capable of handling d,x,o,u,i.  However, a large part of my intent is
to add support for I64 size integers.  So I've decided to only foward
I64 sizes to it at this time, and leave the rest intact, as I've only
tested I64.  I sent a message to wine-devel last night for comments,
but it seems to have gotten lost.  We need to guage how to restructure
the printf code, especially since I've found two bugs in our current

Support float conversions

Add pf_integer_conv for printf integer conversions.  Only foward I64
to it for now.
by Jesse Allen
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