[WINED3D] Support more than 4 texture coordinate registers [ try 2 ]

Ivan Gyurdiev ivg2 at cornell.edu
Mon Apr 17 17:18:51 CDT 2006

Please apply this patch instead (in place of the other one) to 
un-hardcode the number of available texture coordinate registers. It 
enables texture registers up to the shader version limit, and 
pre-initializes them to fragment.texcoord[]. I've set the 3.0 limit to 
0, because in 3.0 texture coordinate registers are merged with input ones.

We'll ignore the issue of validation against GL limits for now - vertex 
shaders don't seem to pay any attention to it. I think if the app is 
trying to use more registers than available, then we're possibly not 
setting the right hardware capabilities. Anyway, worst case scenario is 
for the shader to fail to compile - something it will do anyway with the 
current code, once it tries to use registers that haven't been declared.

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