usp10: Resend - Add funtionality for ScriptStringAnalyse

Jeff L lats at
Wed Aug 9 04:17:37 CDT 2006

Tidied some untidy code Alexandre pointed out.

Included the tests, sorry.

A resend after protracted detour in fixing up the test suite.  This
tidys up the syntax and shortening of the variable names, fixing the
handelling of multiple scripts and a slight rework to remove tests
before HeapFree calls and meanigful variables.

This patch adds functionality for ScriptStringAnalyse and by the way for
ScriptStringOut and ScriptStringFree.  This goes some of the way to
getting Abiword working under wine.

Jeff Latimer

Change log: Add funtionality for ScriptStringAnalyse, ScriptStringOut
and ScriptStringFree.

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