x11drv: Registry setting to disable some of the added color depths

Paul Chitescu pchitescu at voip.null.ro
Thu Aug 17 17:25:26 CDT 2006

ChangeLog: Add capability to disable some or all of the non-default color 

Some of the automatically added color depths can just get in the way. This 
patch adds a Registry bit map that indicates the allowed color bit depths 
with minimum overhead. The current color depth is always added - as before.

[Software\\Wine\\X11 Driver]

The default value of -1 allows all bit depths. A value of 0 would disallow all 
added color depths.

To allow adding only 16 bit modes the registry key should be set to a value of 
16. To allow adding both 8 and 16 bit a value of 24 (binary OR of 8 and 16) 
should be used.

Known limitation: this only works because Wine's video modes are power of 2 
(8,16,32) but this is hardcoded in settings.c anyway.

Paul Chitescu

P.S. This is the 2nd attempt - I fixed the subject line.
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