Show Messages about additional Packages with "--verbose"

Detlef Riekenberg at
Sun Aug 20 22:28:17 CDT 2006

We should inform the User, when Wine is build without some Features.

This Patch add Hints for additional Packages, which Wine can use.

+ X11-Extensions: Xext (Shm and shape), XRandr, XRender, Xxf86vmode
+ libxslt1 added (libxslt1 depends on libxml2)
+ libhal added (libhal depends on libdbus-1)
+ libncurses / libcurses added
+ libsane added
+ libgphoto2 added
+ libicu added
+ liblcms added
+ libungif added
- libdbus-1 not needed: libhal depends on libdbus-1
- libxml2 not needed: libxslt1 depends on libxml2

As requested by Alexandre, the Messages are displayed only, 
when requested by the User.
I use the Option "--verbose" to enable the Messages.
("--verbose" is a standard Option for configure, but was unused)

- Show Messages about additional Packages with "--verbose"

By by ... Detlef

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