[patch] add manpage for wineprefixcreate

Stefan Huehner stefan at huehner.org
Mon Aug 21 06:29:30 CDT 2006


attached patch adds a manpage for wineprefixcreate.
The patch has been written by 'Vincent Fourmond' and has been sitting in
the Debian Bug Tracking System for some time.


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diff --git a/tools/Makefile.in b/tools/Makefile.in
index e205e4f..bf11caa 100644
--- a/tools/Makefile.in
+++ b/tools/Makefile.in
@@ -19,7 +19,8 @@ PROGRAMS = \
-	winemaker.man
+	winemaker.man \
+	wineprefixcreate.man
 C_SRCS = \
 	bin2res.c \
@@ -81,6 +82,7 @@ wineprefixcreate: wineprefixcreate.in re
 install install-lib:: wineprefixcreate $(DESTDIR)$(bindir) $(DESTDIR)$(datadir)/wine $(DESTDIR)$(datadir)/applications
 	$(INSTALL_SCRIPT) wineprefixcreate $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/wineprefixcreate
+	$(INSTALL_DATA) wineprefixcreate.man $(DESTDIR)$(mandir)/man$(prog_manext)/wineprefixcreate.$(prog_manext)
 	$(INSTALL_DATA) $(SRCDIR)/wine.inf $(DESTDIR)$(datadir)/wine/wine.inf
 	$(INSTALL_DATA) $(SRCDIR)/wine.desktop $(DESTDIR)$(datadir)/applications/wine.desktop
diff --git a/tools/wineprefixcreate.man.in b/tools/wineprefixcreate.man.in
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..9d1208d
--- /dev/null
+++ b/tools/wineprefixcreate.man.in
@@ -0,0 +1,65 @@
+.\" This manual page is copyright 2006 by Vincent fourmond
+.\" Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this
+.\" document under the terms of the terms of the GNU General
+.\" Public License, version 2.0.
+.TH WINPREFIXCREATE "1" "June 2006" "@PACKAGE_STRING@" "Windows On Unix"
+Wineprefixcreate \- a utility to create a 
+.I .wine/
+directory from scratch.
+.B wineprefixcreate
+.B wineprefixcreate
+is a utility that can be used to build a 
+.I .wine 
+directory (called a
+prefix) from scratch. It takes care about setting up system libraries
+and configuration files: many windows programs should run "out of the
+box" with it. 
+.B wineprefixcreate
+is part of
+.B wine\fR.
+It is necessary to create a prefix directory before
+.B wine\fR.
+The creation can be controlled with the following options:
+\fB\-\-prefix\fR \fI<dir>\fR
+Directory to create (default: 
+.I ~/.wine
+\fB\-q\fR, \fB\-\-quiet\fR
+Don't print status messages
+\fB\-w\fR, \fB\-\-wait\fR
+Wait for the wineserver to exit before returning
+\fB\-h\fR, \fB\-\-help\fR
+Get a small help summary
+.B wine
+is available thanks to the work of many developers. For a listing
+of the authors, please see the file 
+in the top-level directory of the source distribution.
+This manual page was written by Vincent Fourmond for the Debian
+GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others). Permission is granted to
+copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the
+GNU General Public License, version 2.0.
+You will find documentation and links in  
+.BR wine (1)

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