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This patch removes glut32 from Wine. The problem is that glut32 implicitly depends on wgl/glx functionality.

Right now glut32 forwards all its calls to native which makes glX calls like glXCreateContext. When it makes these calls we don't "know about them" inside our opengl code. This causes major issues like in the case glut creates a context which is then queried buy the opengl program using wglGetCurrentContext. Because the context isn't created through us and a wgl context isn't the same a GLX context, NULL is returned.

I will provide a precompiled glut32 (based on freeglut) which can be uploaded to our download page. Packagers can reuse that dll. Forking the dll inside in Wine is not a good option as the code size is more than 1MB. Second glut32.dll is not a windows core dll.

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