usp10: [RESEND] Add ScriptItemize, ScriptShape and ScriptPlace functionality

lats jeffl at
Sat Feb 11 23:35:21 CST 2006

This patch is a resend that contains the correct file that combines the 
code and the tests, sent previously as two patches, into one patch.  It 
also has the .cvsignore for dlls/usp10/tests.

This patch adds functionality to perform unicode to glyph translation
using existing api calls.  Three APIs implement this:
ScriptItemize, ScriptShape and ScriptPlace.  ScriptGetProperties is
implemented as a number of programs apparently check through it so I
have added the first few entries to give them something bite on.  A stub
for ScriptTestOut has been added.  Tests are included in this patch,
note a new tests directory is required.

Jeff Latimer

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