WINEMP3: increase factor from 4 to 12 in MPEG3_StreamSize

Alex Villací­s Lasso a_villacis at
Mon Feb 13 15:16:06 CST 2006

This is a summary of what I have been doing with winemp3 over the weekend.

First, the idea of a GStreamer wrapper for wine is a no-go because 1) 
would not solve the jittering problem (more on this later), 2) I have 
not found yet a streaming source for raw memory buffers (as opposed to 
file/network streaming), 3) although GStreamer is LGPL, some of the 
codecs might be proprietary, and this might cause legal problems later on.

I fired the ACMAPP.EXE demo program from MSDN (the one I used to improve 
the msacm implementation), and noticed that MP3-encoded WAV files play 
almost normally with this app. This means that the codec itself is not 
the problem - the most likely source is the (odd?) use of msacm by 
dsound, which is in turn invoked by native quartz.dll. Before reaching 
this conclusion, I found that ACMAPP.EXE played the files without 
jittering, but it stopped playing a few moments before the end of the 
song. How much before depends on the actual length of the song but this 
was annoying enough to be worth investigating. For example, one sample 
song stopped playing 30 seconds before the actual end. However, 
according to the app, playback was already at the end of the song.

It turns out that mpglib has a queue of undecoded data in its decoding 
structure. On every call to the decodeMP3() function of mpglib, the 
caller specifies either a buffer of new data, or NULL to use the 
remaining data from a previous invocation. The buffer grows and shrinks 
dynamically with the amount of unencoded data passed by the caller. What 
was going on was the following:

- Caller (winmm) computes required output buffer for encoded input 
buffer. This uses acmStreamSize, which in turn invokes MPEG3_StreamSize.
- MPEG3_StreamSize return a factor 4X for the size of the output buffer 
(in my tests, a 2333-byte encoded buffer expands into (at most) 9332 
bytes of output, or so reports winemp3).
- winmm happily calls acmStreamConvert() with a 2333 source buffer and a 
9332 destination buffer.
- mpglib decodes as much as it can into the 9332-byte buffer. However, 
in almost all cases, 9332 bytes is not enough to decode 2333 bytes of 
MP3 data. This is important to note, because it means a non-trivial 
amount of the MP3 data remains in the mpglib queue.
- acmStreamConvert() is called over and over, with a 2333 source buffer 
and a 9332 destination buffer. The output buffer is always too small, so 
the undecoded data in the mpglib buffers accumulates.
- winmm sends the last encoded buffer. Supposedly this means that 
decoding is complete, but it isn't, because mpglib has a backlog of 
undecoded data which has not been played. However, winmm stops there, 
and the user notices the cut in the middle of the song.

In the same situation, L3CODECA.ACM reports a non-integer factor for the 
output buffer, a little under 12X. Therefore L3CODECA.ACM always has 
enough space to consume the full source buffer and therefore does not 
cut the song in the middle.

The ideal solution would be to dynamically compute the expansion factor 
based on the input and output bitrates. The attached patch raises the 
expansion factor instead to 12X to ensure that mpglib can always decode 
all the input data without running out of output space.


* Increase size factor from 4 to 12 in MPEG_StreamSize, otherwise mpglib 
buffer queue grows
* Add TRACE of mpglib buffer queue for conversion.

Alex Villacís Lasso

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