server: use a single inotify watch

Mike McCormack mike at
Thu Feb 16 02:32:15 CST 2006

Before implementing recursive watch on directories, we should switch to 
using a single inotify fd.  inotify puts a per process limit on the 
number of watches we can have (default is 8192) and using an inotify fd 
per watch means we can only watch 8192/N directories with N watches on 
the same directory :/

Some programs add multiple watches on the same directory, and running 
many instances of a program using a recursive watch will cause us to hit 
the limit more quickly without this patch.


Use a single inotify watch, as it scales better with a large number of 

  server/change.c  |  306 
  server/file.h    |    2
  server/main.c    |    1
  server/request.c |    1
  4 files changed, 266 insertions(+), 44 deletions(-)

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