[unDName 4/5]: Add some tests for __unDName()

Michael Stefaniuc mstefani at redhat.de
Sat Feb 18 12:43:50 CST 2006

Add some tests for unDName() checking:
- data type modifiers A,B,P,Q,R,S
- literal strings
- back references to names


 dlls/msvcrt/tests/cpp.c |    9 +++++++++
 1 files changed, 9 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

diff --git a/dlls/msvcrt/tests/cpp.c b/dlls/msvcrt/tests/cpp.c
index a0e73ce..1282168 100644
--- a/dlls/msvcrt/tests/cpp.c
+++ b/dlls/msvcrt/tests/cpp.c
@@ -943,6 +943,15 @@ static void test_demangle(void)
 {"??_V at YAXPAX@Z", "void __cdecl operator delete[](void *)"},
 {"??X?$_Complex_base at M@std@@QAEAAV01 at ABM@Z", "public: class std::_Complex_base<float> & __thiscall std::_Complex_base<float>::operator*=(float const &)"},
 {"??Xstd@@YAAAV?$complex at M@0 at AAV10@ABV10@@Z", "class std::complex<float> & __cdecl std::operator*=(class std::complex<float> &,class std::complex<float> const &)"},
+{"?aaa@@YAHAAUbbb@@@Z", "int __cdecl aaa(struct bbb &)"},
+{"?aaa@@YAHBAUbbb@@@Z", "int __cdecl aaa(struct bbb & volatile)"},
+{"?aaa@@YAHPAUbbb@@@Z", "int __cdecl aaa(struct bbb *)"},
+{"?aaa@@YAHQAUbbb@@@Z", "int __cdecl aaa(struct bbb * const)"},
+{"?aaa@@YAHRAUbbb@@@Z", "int __cdecl aaa(struct bbb * volatile)"},
+{"?aaa@@YAHSAUbbb@@@Z", "int __cdecl aaa(struct bbb * const volatile)"},
+{"??0aa.a@@QAE at XZ", "??0aa.a@@QAE at XZ"},
+{"??0aa$_3a@@QAE at XZ", "public: __thiscall aa$_3a::aa$_3a(void)"},
+{"??2?$aaa at AAUbbb@@AAUccc@@AAU2@@ddd at 1eee@2 at QAEHXZ", "public: int __thiscall eee::eee::ddd::ddd::aaa<struct bbb &,struct ccc &,struct ccc &>::operator new(void)"},
     int i, num_test = (sizeof(test)/sizeof(test[0]));
     char* name;

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