D3D8 caps -> wined3d

Roderick Colenbrander thunderbird2k at gmx.net
Mon Feb 20 16:01:08 CST 2006


Both our d3d8 and wined3d dlls contain a routine which detects the 
capabilities of the videocard as advertised by the OpenGL driver. Right now 
varies parts of D3D8 have been moved over to WineD3D. Varies pieces of the 
code ported to WineD3D use these capabilites. Right now D3D8 contains a list 
with capabilities but doesn't share it with WineD3D. Because of this some 
pieces of code failed for instance wined3d's surface code for each I posted a 
workaround last week.

This patch moves the capability detection code over to WineD3D and lets the 
few existing parts which need the capabiliteis use the WineD3D capability 
structure (gl_info). This info structure contains next to 'flags' inidicating 
certain features also all GL/GLX functions pointers. Because D3D8 moves over 
to the wined3d gl_info structure all the gl prototypes in d3dcore_gl.h were 
unneeded and removed.

Roderick Colenbrander
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