Mozilla ActiveX download busted?

Jonathan Ernst jonathan at
Tue Feb 21 11:26:16 CST 2006

Le dimanche 12 février 2006 à 17:35 -0800, Dan Kegel a écrit :
> Trying to install Oregon Trail from cnet download,
> Cnet has you download a tiny .exe that invokes
> IE via ActiveX to do the real download.
> This pops up Wine's Mozilla ActiveX downloader dialog (great)
> which then downloads the ActiveX wrapper (great)
> but stores it in c:\windows\temp\mozactivex (note the lack of a .exe, uh-oh),
> and shortly thereafter prints
> wine: could not load L"C:\\windows\\temp\\mozactivex" as Win32 binary
> Wine's Mozilla ActiveX downloader dialog just sits there forever,
> it doesn't seem to notice the problem.
> Renaming mozactivex to mozactivex.exe and then running it manually
> got me past that little problem -- I'm no longer prompted to download
> wine's mozilla activex wrapper.
> This worked better a month or two ago - what changed?
> (I'd do a regression test myself, but can't afford to type too much...)
> - Dan

Wine doesn't accept to run files that don't end with .exe even if they
are valid win32 binaries.

- ensure that the mozilla activex control downloaded ends with .exe
because Wine won't run it otherwise
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