Use "MS Sans Serif" as default sans serif font, not Arial

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Thu Feb 23 06:33:06 CST 2006

[this time from the subscribed address]


the application I'm working on creates a dialog box and misbehaves
if the metrics of that dialog are different from its expectations.
An investigation has shown that under Windows that dialog uses
"MS Sans Serif" font while Wine attempts to try Arial first and then
substitutes not installed Arial by a different font. Since Wine has
its own version of "MS Sans Serif" and our version has compatible
metrics with Windows this patch makes my application work as expected.

Same applies to default "System" font: Wine has it, so let's use it.

    Dmitry Timoshkov <dmitry at>
    Use "MS Sans Serif" as default sans serif font, not Arial.

--- cvs/hq/wine/dlls/gdi/freetype.c	2006-02-23 00:45:50.000000000 +0800
+++ wine/dlls/gdi/freetype.c	2006-02-23 19:34:56.000000000 +0800
@@ -284,10 +284,10 @@ static struct list font_list = LIST_INIT
 static const WCHAR defSerif[] = {'T','i','m','e','s',' ','N','e','w',' ',
-static const WCHAR defSans[] = {'A','r','i','a','l','\0'};
+static const WCHAR defSans[] = {'M','S',' ','S','a','n','s',' ','S','e','r','i','f','\0'};
 static const WCHAR defFixed[] = {'C','o','u','r','i','e','r',' ','N','e','w','\0'};
-static const WCHAR defSystem[] = {'A','r','i','a','l','\0'};
+static const WCHAR defSystem[] = {'S','y','s','t','e','m','\0'};
 static const WCHAR SystemW[] = {'S','y','s','t','e','m','\0'};
 static const WCHAR MSSansSerifW[] = {'M','S',' ','S','a','n','s',' ',

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