D3D8 -> WineD3D ('rest')

Roderick Colenbrander thunderbird2k at gmx.net
Sat Feb 25 06:15:08 CST 2006


The past few weeks I have trying to split Oliver Stieber his d3d8 patches in 
small pieces. The patches I sent so far me oved big parts of the surface, 
texture and capability detection code over to wined3d (roughly 1/3th of the 
total patch) These parts could safely be moved as they didn't depend on much 
other d3d8/wined3d functionality. The remaining texture, shader, primitive 
drawing code depends on stateblocks and swapchains which haven't been ported 
over yet. If I would move over for instance the remaining texture code the 
stateblock/swapchain code needs to moved too. The current d3d8 shader code 
would need to be made compatible with the wined3d stateblocks (which isn't 
possible becaue various datatypes in the stateblock changed; the wined3d 
stateblock uses incompatible wined3d datatypes which the shader code doesn't 

Other parts of the d3d8 code have similar issues, so they all depend on the 
stateblock/swapchain code. The only option is to move all this code at once. 
I talked with H. Verbeet and others and they thought that separating is 
nearly impossible too. (splitting would create too many new bugs and not 
everything is moveable)

The patch which I attached to this email removes the remaning d3d8 code over 
to WineD3D. (based on Oliver Stieber his code) The file d3d8.patch.bz2 makes 
changes to the current d3d8 code and also makes a few changes to wined3d in 
order to let wined3d create various objects for d3d8. The other two files 
need to be added to the d3d8 directory and replace the current shader code. 
As you will notice in the Makefile.in various d3d8 files aren't used anymore 
a next patch will clean up the d3d8_private.h file and remove the unneeded .c 

Roderick Colenbrander
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