Patch to limit testing results in AppDB

Chris Morgan cmorgan at
Thu Jan 26 20:02:12 CST 2006

> Ok, I implemented some of your ideas except for your idea with the Query.
> I'm not sure how you would have wanted to do that one.  I figured we'd need
> one Query to get our initial row count, then one for each conditional to
> set for pulling the data again with limited results.  Using your sQuery
> variable inside those conditionals would yield the same amount of queries.

Maybe I wasn't clear about your code.  I thought the goal was something like:

if(showingAll or less than X items)
  sql without a limit
  sql with a limit

Why not just skip the query to get the number of items and just put the limit 
in?  If the number is less than the limit then you'll see all of the results, 
if it is more then you'll get the first X results.

The other change looks good though.


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