wininet: ftp.c 125 is an acceptable response code for the STORE command

Phil Lodwick Phil.Lodwick at EFI.COM
Wed Jun 7 14:43:50 CDT 2006

When calling FTP_SendStore, 125 is an acceptable response from the server to
the STORE command.

>From the FTP RFC:

Command-Reply Sequences

         In this section, the command-reply sequence is presented.  Each
         command is listed with its possible replies; command groups are
         listed together.  Preliminary replies are listed first (with
         their succeeding replies indented and under them), then
         positive and negative completion, and finally intermediary
         replies with the remaining commands from the sequence
         following.  This listing forms the basis for the state
         diagrams, which will be presented separately.

                  125, 150
                     226, 250
                     425, 426, 451, 551, 552
                  532, 450, 452, 553
                  500, 501, 421, 530

    Allow a 125 return value from the ftp server in response to a STORE
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