[PATCH 00/31] Series short description

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at wanadoo.fr
Sun Jun 18 14:16:37 CDT 2006

The following series implements a basic support for Dwarf2 debug information.
Basically, it's a major rewrite/enhancement of the current code.
At the end of the serie, we should have:
- type information (at least basic types, and struct unions)
- functions's parameter and variable handling (1)
- line number information

What's not working yet:
- some variables in functions (when using registers) -> will require
  CFA parsing (and translation into FPO)
- single stepping through trampolines (cross-DLL calls). BUT, THIS
  IS BROKEN FOR STABS TOO... Likely, the same issue for both formats
- missing function's start point -> this means the first insn of
  the functions will be seen, meaning that you need to do a couple
  of 'nexti' calls to step over the functions prologue (otherwise
  you won't see the current function's parameters)
- inlined functions are not fully handled (meaning that you won't
  be able to see the inlined function's arguement - but this wasn't
  available in stabs debug info)
- nested types are not correctly handled

Eric Pouech

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